\ Heather Hillas Grief Counselling Albury Wodonga Qualified Counsellor
Accedited Mental Health Social Worker
Phone 0458 118 234

Heather Hillas Counselling Services

Heather Hillas Counselling understands human loss is universal and the experience of grief and loss affects everyone differently.

For many people the anguish of loss can throw us off course. You may experience strong emotions of sadness, guilt, fear, hurt and helplessness, which can see you withdraw, isolating yourself from friends and family. It can a stressful time.

Heather is a qualified professional and compassionate counsellor who, during counselling sessions, works with you and guides you to building awareness and an understanding of self in an environment that is supportive and focussed where hidden strengths can emerge, resilience replaces hopelessness, ways of communication are enhanced and tools to cope with life’s stressors are developed.

Working with Heather in a trusting, counselling relationship can help you be understood clearly and honestly and help interpret a loss that offers you insight that can bring about adjustment, a calmer self, enhanced coping skills and eventually inner peace. People can see a better future. This takes time and is very individual.

If you're feeling that you haven't really grieved a loss, it's been swept under the carpet by dealing with daily life – finances, supporting friends or family and needing to be the strong one, your grief can remain unresolved and may resurface. Talking to someone neutral, outside of your immediate situation, can show you a different perspective and help you find a way forward.

If you are experiencing a loss you can’t work through alone, contact Heather Hillas Counselling for an appointment to start the healing.

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